Finding the right clothes can be challenging in a cluttered wardrobe. That is where a custom-designed wardrobe/closet comes in useful. You can easily find your favourite dress and display your favourite heels, enhancing your home’s overall aesthetic value.

Stylish Custom-Built Wardrobes

Finding your favourite dress can be a challenge in a cluttered wardrobe. That is where a custom wardrobe comes in handy. Not only does it make finding your clothes a lot easier, but it also enhances the overall aesthetic value of your room.

At KIND Kitchens, we believe you deserve a wardrobe that reflects your identity, and we want to help you achieve that. We provide custom-made wardrobes that fit your exact specifications. Whether you like a sleek and straightforward wardrobe or something grand, we will use our expertise to create the perfect piece for you.

Wardrobe Design

Trendy Wardrobe Styles You Should Consider

Wardrobes come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes. Below are some of the most popular wardrobe styles that might be perfect for you:

An enclosed wardrobe has smaller compartments and racks with doors. It is ideal for rooms with no dedicated space for clothes, as it allows you to store your clothes in a sleek, compact and secure way. You can get sliding doors if you have a small room or hinged/ bi-fold doors for a larger space. Mirrored doors can be an option if you cannot have a separate dressing table.
These wardrobes are a great way to add character and personality to your bedroom. The open design displays all your clothes, making choosing what you want to wear easy. The semi-open design has visible portions and others enclosed, allowing you to pick and choose what you would like to showcase and what you prefer to be closed off. A statement mirror is trendy for these wardrobe styles.

If you have the luxury of having a dedicated space/room for your clothes, you can get very creative with the wardrobe. There is enough space to display all your favourite clothes, dresses, shoes and bags while selecting them for the right occasions. A walk-in robe can also function as a dressing room, providing a space to try on and change clothes in one area! For larger WIRs, a centre island with a sitting bench and display drawer for watches or jewellery is also becoming a trend

Our experienced designers at KIND Kitchens will help you to select the best material, structure and features when planning your stylish wardrobe.