Luxurious And Functional Personal Space

The bath and laundry room are your home’s first defence against germs and grime. Well-designed bathrooms and laundry should enhance the overall home's aesthetics while creating functional storage space.

Build a Laundry Room That Is Both Functional and Spacious

Laundry rooms are often one of the most neglected spaces in a home. However, having a laundry room with sufficient space and great functionality can make your life much easier, allowing you to do your laundry quickly and easily. What’s more, it helps declutter your home, creating an organised and hygienic environment.

KIND Kitchens has a team of professionals who bring years of experience and hands-on expertise to deliver the kind of laundry room and cabinets that best suit you. We design custom-made laundry cabinets and shelves, considering the space you have and the look you want to achieve.

Well-Thought-Out Design for Your Laundry Room.

The laundry room is more than just a place for your laundry. It is also your home’s first defence against odours and stains. That is why it is essential to think about the following aspects when designing your laundry space:

A well-functioning laundry room allows you to efficiently manage your laundry while keeping the area clean and organised. KIND Kitchens can help you achieve that by creating the shelves and storage necessary for organising clothes, appliances, and items such as laundry baskets and ironing boards. A well-thought design also gives you enough space to move around the room without hassle.
Having well-organised shelves and cabinets in your laundry room will protect you and your loved ones from harmful chemicals and dirty clothes. We will design your laundry room to have enough storage space for all detergents and laundry equipment to avoid unwanted risks or accidents.
Your budget plays an essential role in the outcome of your laundry room. We can provide the best possible solutions for you within your set budget. Our plans are tailored to your specific needs so you can create the perfect laundry room for your home.
A well-designed laundry room can help improve the overall aesthetic of your home. At KIND Kitchens, we create custom-made storage fixtures so you can rest assured that your laundry room will be functional and complement your home’s overall decor.