Estimated Expenses of a Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation can enhance its comfort for your family and boost your home's value by up to 69%. While renovating your kitchen might require effort, it's a rewarding investment that brings both enjoyment and potential benefits.

Here, we’ll explore things to consider about kitchen renovations.

Benefits of Renovating Your Kitchen

A renovation can be a game-changer if your kitchen feels outdated or cramped. With an array of styles and products available, the possibilities for transforming your kitchen are limitless.

Enhanced Experience:

A refreshed and modernised kitchen elevates the joy of cooking and enhances your ability to entertain guests. That’s because a renovation can optimise your kitchen's flow, storage, and room for modern appliances.

Amplified Storage:

Adding new cabinets and shelves can transform your organisation game. Incorporate built-in features (such as spice racks or wine storage) to enhance functionality and convenience further.

Increased Home Value:

A well-executed redesign can significantly raise your home's resale value. Renovations expand marketable square footage and create an alluring space with contemporary designs. Adding entertaining features like a stylish bar or integrated appliances also helps up the value.

Cost Breakdown of a Kitchen Renovation

Past data indicated the projected cost for a kitchen renovation in Melbourne is approximately $52,500. For a mid-size kitchen renovation, you can expect costs ranging from $25,000 to $50,000. If you're considering a more luxurious kitchen upgrade, the expenses can start at $50,000 and potentially go even higher.

These figures are rough estimates and may depend on the kitchen’s size and materials used. Another factor affecting the cost is whether it involves constructing an entirely new kitchen or upgrading an existing one. Below is a detailed breakdown of kitchen renovation expenses.

You could opt for lavish high-end cabinets with a hefty price tag or explore more affordable alternatives that don’t compromise aesthetics. The range will vary based on material, kitchen size, cabinet style, and internal hardware. Common materials include:

  1. Solid timber
  2. Melamine
  3. Vinyl/vinyl wrap
  4. 2-Pac paint

Just like cabinets, various elements contribute to the cost and play a role in determining the price. Materials like granite or marble come with a higher price tag than laminate or engineered stone. A bigger kitchen with an expansive workspace incurs higher costs than a smaller one. Additionally, tailor-made options for uniquely shaped benchtops tend to be pricier.

In Melbourne, trade costs average around $5,000 to $10,000. This covers plumbing, electrical work, plastering, tiling, painting, and demolition. The cost can vary based on the project’s size and scope, possibly exceeding $15,000 for extensive projects. The comprehensive trade services include:

  1. Flooring