Storage Gadgets to Consider for a Modern Kitchen

Time is of the essence, and efficiency is paramount in modern-day living. Our kitchens have become much more than just spaces for cooking. They are now dynamic hubs of socialisation and entertaining guests. Storage gadgets are one of the main components of kitchen renovations. These simple but impactful hardware are changing how we organise and interact with our kitchens.

Let’s face it—there are many hardware available on the market nowadays. So it’s essential to choose the best in terms of performance and quality. At KIND Kitchens, we integrate European hardware, such as Blum, Hettich, Sige and Hafele, when designing the cabinetry. These companies have established a reputation for precision engineering, innovative design, and uncompromising quality. Their products are built to withstand the rigours of everyday use and elevate modern kitchens’ overall functionality and aesthetics. As such, we offer a lifetime warranty on many European hardware so that you can enjoy a beautifully engineered kitchen for years.

Proper Kitchen Storage and Organisation

If you can organise your kitchen, you can organise your life. – Louis Parrish

The state of our kitchen reflects more than just our cooking habits; it mirrors our approach to life itself. A well-organised kitchen helps you manage time, resources, and tasks efficiently. Here are some benefits of an efficient storage system in your kitchen:

  • Optimised workflow
  • Organised appliances
  • Saves time
  • Easy access to items
  • Reduces clutter
  • Perishables are stored properly
  • Easy to clean up

Organising your kitchen creates value in each detail, from meal planning to shelf arrangement. Our team has industry experience building kitchens for homeowners with various cooking habits. So, we’re familiar with the different storage solutions available for kitchens. Let’s delve into some storage gadgets you can incorporate into your kitchen.

6 Smart Storage Gadgets That Redefine Convenience

Whether you’re an avid cook, an organisation enthusiast, or someone who appreciates the art of a clutter-free space, these gadgets are for you. So, let’s open the doors — or should we say pull them out — to some storage innovations that can elevate your kitchen design.

Finding a discreet area to place your bin in your kitchen can be challenging. That’s where pull-out bins come in. These discreetly tuck away your waste and recycling materials inside cabinets, maintaining a streamlined appearance and more floor space.

There are two popular types of pull-out bins. The first one is when the bin is attached to the door/drawer front. This mechanism makes it easy to dump the garbage, especially when your hands are full.

The second type is a more budget-friendly option wherein the bin is mounted to the floor. While this choice is economical, it comes with a minor trade-off in terms of convenience—first, you open the door, and then you pull out the bin.

This storage has become popular with more people trying out new recipes. Now, you don’t have to store your spices in a cluttered cabinet and sift through jars and bottles when you need them—instead, pull out the spice rack and easily access all your spices, sauces and oil!

The pull-out spice rack is typically placed on the side of the cooktop. They come in set sizes: mainly 150, 300, 450, and 600 millimetres. You can add dividers to separate your spices or create compartments. You can also choose a semi-spice with a towel rack to put away your towels after clean-up.

The pull-out pantry helps you better organise your kitchen with the space you have. Traditionally, the common pantry has shelving that makes reaching items at the back hard. The decision lies between the efficiency of accessing things or having a place just for storing these things. The traditional pantry would work for people with a small kitchen that r