Tips for Designing Your Shaker-Style Kitchen

Shaker-style kitchens are known for their simplicity. Characterised by simple lines, recessed panels and widely used applications, they are still quite popular in many homes across Australia. Introduced by the Shakers circa—a religious group—this no-frills design has stood the test of time. Whether a modern apartment or a period home, it fits right in. But what gives it such ageless appeal? How do you incorporate one into your home? Let’s explore this timeless design and see how to get one for yourself.

What is a Shaker kitchen?

A Shaker-style kitchen is typically associated with flat cabinetry, neutral shades, and modest design elements. Traditionally, they were made of timber, but modern interpretations use materials like marble or stone. Functionality takes priority over decoration in this set-up, and excessive ornamentation is avoided. Furthermore, muted colour palettes, like white or natural wood tones, are generally preferred.

Design a Shaker-Style Kitchen for Your Home

One word can sum up this peculiar kitchen design—unpretentious. This quality makes them versatile for a range of interior décor. Depending on what you need, you can add more layers. For instance, you can install Shaker-style doors with fluted posts as frames. Similarly, a recessed centre panel can go on the overhead cabinets.

This unique design can be hard to pull off despite its simple appearance. You’ll need to find the ideal balance between tradition and modernity. To get it right, attention to detail and good planning is key. Consider these tips from our experts at KIND Kitchens to help you create a Shaker kitchen:

The Shaker-style kitchen is all about simplicity. Overly ornate decorations or intricate patterns are a big no. You can include elements like columns or mantels, but keep them to a minimum. One way to do this is to keep the overall design minimal and add more layers as necessary. Avoid going overboard when accessorising. Instead, emphasise simple shapes for a subtle, elegant look. You’re guaranteed a timeless appearance and a calming atmosphere.

Traditional Shaker-style kitchens are known for their craftsmanship, mainly in the board, cutting and 2pac quality. You want to ensure the same by investing in the right trades. Good quality craftsmanship and materials will ensure that your kitchen lasts for years. Do your research and ask around before engaging tradespeople. You’ll need to keep an eye out for high-quality materials as well. The original designs used solid wood for long-lasting results. So, if you use other timber types, pay close attention to quality.

The hallmark of any Shaker kitchen design is functionality. Proper storage options are a must, whether you want a classic look or a contemporary aesthetic. You can mix and match to get the desired results. Aim for maximum space utilisation with pull-out shelves, in-built spice racks, and deep drawers. This also provides ample opportunity to install simple yet elegant panelling.

While neutral colours are the norm, feel free to accentuate with bolder hues. If you’ve decided on a white base, use deep blue or grey to highlight lines. This applies to countertops and kitchen islands. Remember to ensure that the colours are always in harmony. If you’re unsure, consult an expert to get the best recommendations. In recent years, 2-tone shaker Kitchens have also become popular.

You can pay homage to the traditional Shaker style and still enjoy the convenience of contemporary appliances. However, pay attention to where and how they’re installed. Running a modern kitchen is much easier with the right gadgets. You want them to complement the overall look, not compete. Opting for sleek, compact designs is one way to achieve this.

Lighting can make or break your interior. The right lighting improves the ambience and functionality of the kitchen. Be mindful of the Shaker style and go for lights that are a seamless fit. Accent lighting is great for creating well-balanced spaces, while under-cabinet lights will improve workspace illumination.

Last but not least, plan your budget accordingly. Even the most impressive designs are of no use if they overstretch your budget. Hence, take the time to understand the cost components. A professional renovation company like KIND Kitchens can provide you with a no-obligation quote and a breakdown of how to achieve your dream design within a reasonable budget. This can save you time and money.

Professional Kitchen Renovation in Melbourne

Cohesion is important in kitchen design. You want elements to complement each other and contribute to an inviting environment. As such, finding the right balance between simplicity, functionality, and aesthetics is key in the Shaker style. When combined, you’ll get a unique layout that will stand the test of time.

Shaker kitchens have and will continue to adorn homes with their subtle elegance. Whether you’re planning on renovating or you’re building a new home, consider this design for a minimalist yet functional look. What’s more, KIND Kitchens can help you pull it off. As a professional renovation company specialising in kitchen remodelling in Melbourne, you’ll have our industry expertise and tools at your disposal. Our designers are familiar with the Shaker style and will help you achieve the perfect look. Irrespective of project size, we’ll consistently deliver the best possible outcomes.

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