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Kitchen Design and Cabinetry in Surrey Hills

With a kitchen design & renovation, you can transform your space into a haven that reflects your style and meets your functional needs. Kitchen renovation has many benefits, from increased home value to improved energy efficiency.

KIND Kitchens is the premier choice for kitchen designing, and remodelling needs in Surrey Hills. As a homeowner, you can expect outstanding craftsmanship and personalised service from us. We work within your budget to deliver functional and stylish results.

Key Considerations for Kitchen Remodel

Before you decide to go ahead with your kitchen renovations, here are some factors to consider:

    Budget Planning

    Consider the project’s scope, including materials, labour costs, and any unexpected expenses. Setting a budget upfront lets you prioritise your spending and ensure you stay within your financial limits.

    Determine Your Needs and Goals

    By understanding your needs and goals, you can work with us to create a personalised plan that aligns with your vision. It could be anything from more storage or elevated aesthetic.

    Assess the Existing Kitchen Layout and Functionality

    Evaluate the current layout and functionality to identify areas that can be improved. Consider factors such as workflow, storage, and traffic volume. This helps you optimise the layout and functionality of your Kitchen through strategic changes.

The process can be overwhelming if you’re renovating your home for the first time. At KIND Kitchens, we have industry experts that you can speak with when it comes to kitchen design and the factors involved in it. We can help you understand the intricacies of kitchen renovations when you book a consultation with us.

Explore Our Different Kitchen Cabinets in Our Showroom

Kitchen cabinets provide essential storage space for organising kitchen ingredients and tools. They can enhance the visual appeal and reflect your personal style. Improved functionality makes tasks more enjoyable. When it comes to using materials for your kitchen cabinets, three main types of materials come into play:

  • Pre-finished materials: this would include materials such as melamine, acrylics, and pre-finished veneer. These are suitable for kitchens that are going for a luxe, industrial, or minimalist design.
  • Post-Finished Materials: These mainly include 2-pac (acrylic paint) and vinyl. The difference with this is that the materials are cut to shape before the finish is applied. you can get finishes like semi-gloss, high-gloss, and satin.
  • Other materials: These would include solid timber, plywood (coated with hardwood veneer), and compact laminate. Each of them has its characteristics and benefits, so it’s best to understand its properties before you make a decision.

Get custom cabinets that are tailored to your specific kitchen space and design preferences. You can learn more about these materials in our blog. Our in-house cabinet manufacturing facility gives you access to endless possibilities for personalisation and unique features when we design your cabinets. When we build your cabinets, we ensure they are built to last and fit perfectly with the rest of your decor. You can visit our showroom to check out the different materials too.

Efficient Storage Solutions in Surrey Hills with Modern Kitchen Design Trends

Explore some modern kitchen design trends in Surrey Hills when you need efficient storage solutions while embracing minimalistic and clean aesthetics. We create designs that optimise space utilisation with sleek cabinetry, including clever organisation systems and innovative storage solutions.

We also look at sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen design elements that are gaining popularity. It focuses on eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient appliances. Our expert team can create functional and visually appealing kitchens by incorporating these trends.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Outdoor kitchens offer a unique way to enjoy the outdoors while preparing delicious meals. It lets you expand your kitchen space and enhance socialisation with your visitors. With these benefits, it has the potential to increase your property’s value.

There are two main aspects to consider when building your outdoor Kitchen:

  • Layout: Consider the flow and arrangement of work areas and other elements to create an efficient layout.
  • Materials: Choose durable materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Transform Your Space With KIND Kitchens in Surrey Hills Now

KIND Kitchens offers a fantastic opportunity to transform your space into a culinary haven in Surrey Hills. Our quality products and well-planned kitchen designs can elevate your cooking experience to a new level. Our experts can help you choose the right material for your kitchen design.

Take the leap and transform your space with KIND Kitchen. Visit our showrooms at Bentleigh, Blackburn, Chadstone, and Hawthorn. For more information, you can fill out our online form or write us an email at for a head start.


The cost can vary depending on the Kitchen’s size and the renovation’s complexity. The fluctuating market prices for materials and contractor fees will also affect the total cost. You can email us if you want a ballpark estimate for your renovation. Check out our blog

Same with Kitchen remodelling cost, your kitchen remodelling project timeline may vary. The complexity of the design, availability of materials, and contractor schedules will affect the expected completion. However, it usually takes 6-8 weeks from the first design to completion. We can give you a timeline if you contact us and give more details about your project.

Absolutely! Our designers offer various customisation options, including materials, colours, finishes, and more. These options allow you to create a kitchen cabinet design that suits your personal taste and complements your overall kitchen design.

When visiting a kitchen showroom, look for how different kitchen styles and designs will work with your home design. Pay attention to the quality of materials and craftsmanship. You can visit any of KIND Kitchen’s showrooms below: